How does your school recycling scheme work?

Our recycling for schools scheme is really simple. You recycle your unwanted and used inkjet cartridges with us using our freepost recycling label and/or our free courier collection, and in return we pay your school for the items we can recycle. Not only are you able to help reduce the waste that goes to landfill, you can use the scheme to help fundraise for your school (and score some all-important points with your teachers!).

Check out our price list for details of the cartridges we can accept.

Your freepost label will be trackable to your school, so we can keep tabs on exactly how much your school has raised through the scheme.

And anyone can recycle for your school – pupils, teachers, friends of the school, the PTA, local businesses – the list is endless! It’s fundraising for your school made easy!

Are you able to recycle all items?
How can my school get involved?
How much money can we raise for our school?
Does it cost anything for my school to sign up?
What recycling materials can my school order?
How can my school promote the recycling scheme?
Do you have any terms and conditions for my teacher to read?